Welcome Crochet Lovers!

Today we are starting our first CROCHET CHALLENGE!!! MY CROCHET DOLL...

waldorf doll crochet pattern tutorial
Crochet dolls challenge by Crochet Lovers Tutorials

What is exactly a crochet challenge? It is a crochet project that takes a little more time than usual to accomplish and can’t be shown on a single tutorial... This is why I will divide it in lessons and we will have and exclusive Facebook group were we can share our progress, our doubts, our feelings and everything in between!

Wanna join the challenge??? We will be making a wonderful CROCHET DOLL, step by step, inspired on Waldorf Dolls. Waldorf Dolls are very simple rag dolls, created with natural materials, that intend with their simplicity to awake the creative play in every child. If you want to learn more about Waldorf dolls you can visit this link. The difference here is that, as we are crochet lovers, we will crochet the entire dolls.

amigurumi crochet lovers tutorials
Crochet dolls pattern and tutorial | Crochet Lovers Tutorials
If we are crocheting the first doll for a kid, it is recommended to use as inspiration the kid’s physical features: their skin tone, their hair, their eyes, their favorite clothes… I will give you the general directions, but the most beautiful thing about this project is that you can really print here all your creativity, love and imagination. It is also a way for us to create a doll full of affection and nice thoughts.

I’m starting today with the LIST OF MATERIALS, so write them down! We will be needing:

  • 50 grams of cotton yarn “fine” weight (for 3mm or US D-3 hook)
  • 2 mm hook (US B-1 hook)
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
  • 200 grams of doll stuffing (natural or synthetic according to your preferences)
  • A river stone of about 150 grams (you can also use a quartz, a big amethyst…) for weighing your doll
Note: You can choose any fine to medium weight cotton yarn, the important here is to work with a smaller hook to obtain a tight work. Choose the yarn color according to the skin tone you want to give to your doll.

  • Sewing or embroidery thread for the eyes
  • Sewing or embroidery thread for the mouth
Any yarn that looks like the hair you want to give to your doll. I recommend alpaca or mohair.

Any yarn! You can use leftovers from other crochet projects 

fre crochet doll tutorial amigurumi

This is it! Are you ready? Don't forget to join our Facebook Group: My Crochet Doll CAL so we can all be in touch while crocheting our dolls! And don't forget to follow @crochetloverstutorials on Instagram and Facebook where we will give the updates on all new lessons.

See you soon!!!