Hi Crochet Lovers! Today we have a really simple but lovely crochet pattern, we will learn how to crochet small stars. Great as applique and for any kind of decorations.

Video tutorial available on YouTube:

HOW TO CROCHET SMALL STAR: crochet a tiny star applique | step by step tutorial, crochet for beginners


  • Ch = Chain
  • SC = Single crochet
  • DC = Double crochet
  • Rep = Repeat

Hook Size(s): 3mm (depending on how big you want the star to be, you can use a bigger/smaller size)

Special Stiches:

Double Magic Slipknot: Wrap the yarn around your index and middle fingers twice, clasping the tail between your middle and ring fingers. Insert your hook in the two loops, yarn over, and pull through both loops. Yarn over again and make a slip stitch.

Pattern for Star:

Begin with a double magic slipknot.

Row 1: Rep *1 SC, 1 DC, ch 2, 1 DC* five times in the center of the slipknot.

Pull the tail to close the ring and cut the yarn, leaving another long tail. Take a yarn needle and pass the second tail through the first SC to close the star.