Hi there Crochet Lovers!

It has been a week since I showed you how to THE HEAD of our amigurumi crochet doll. Now, the time has come to crochet their little body.

tutorial crochet doll pattern
How to crochet a doll by Crochet Lovers Tutorials
Today we will learn how to crochet and fill the torso. We will leave the legs and arms for next class, ok?

Now, for this lesson you will need the rock I talked you about on the list of materials. This rock will give weight and a real feel to our doll. This is optional, but you will see that when you put your rock in the doll it's as if you gave her a heart.

crochet doll tutorial pattern

Here is the written pattern that you can save, to crochet along with me on the video tutorial (right below). I hope you enjoy this lesson. Don't forget to join our FACEBOOK GROUP where you can share your progress and thoughts.